Take a look at these birthday traditions from all over the world.

Birthdays and Cooking
Birthdays and Cooking

Birthday Traditions

Canada - Greasing the nose with butter or margarine. In Atlantic Canada ( Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island , New Brunswick and Newfoundland ) the birthday child is ambushed and their nose is greased for good luck.
China - Noodles for Lunch. The birthday child pays respect to his/her parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday child a long life.
England - Fortune Telling Cakes and Bumps. Certain symbolic objects are mixed into the birthday cake as it being prepared. If your piece of cake has a coin in it, then you will be rich.
Ireland - Birthday Bumps. The birthday child is lifted upside down and "bumped" on the floor for good luck.
Italy - Pulling ears. The child's ears are pulled as many times as how old they are turning.
Japan - New Clothes. The birthday child wears entirely new clothes to mark the occasion.
New Zealand - Birthday claps. After the birthday cake is lit, the happy birthday song is sung loudly and often out of tune and then the person birthday person receives a clap for each year they have been alive and then one for good luck.
Philippines - Mixture of East and West. Birthday cakes are baked in various sizes and shapes.
United States - Cake, candles and song. A cake is made, and candles are put on top based on how old the person is.